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It’s the winter of 2021, the pandemic goes on unabated, and the news about Canada’s vaccine delays only makes matters worse. Artists seem to get lost among all the others struggling to stay afloat. Anxiety and lockdown fatigue often hinder inspiration. No way to sugar coat it…

But art is essential… picture our pandemic life without it! Your walls would be bare, no paintings to offer a different perspective on the world we live in. No sculptures to alter the space they occupy. No music to play when you need to change your mood or just dance, no films or books to make you laugh and cry and enter someone else’s story for a brief time.

Summer Garden with Coleus and Zinnias: Oil on wood panel 30” x 24”

Still I press on and have finished two more paintings. Since we must be the creators of our own joy, I have returned to memories of summer gardens while it snows up a storm outside.

Peachy Petticoats: Oil on wood panel 16” x 20”