A few years ago, I was contacted by a new company created by Thierry Charlebois and called Art à Porter/Le Galeriste. Its mission is to locally produce eco-friendly clothing and home décor items from fabrics imprinted with paintings and photographs created by local artists and to pay those artists royalties for the use of their work. I submitted a number of paintings and then forgot about it… until I received notification that one of my water lily paintings was selected to produce a dress for the Simons department store! Since then, Le Galeriste has consistently used my artwork to created tee-shirts, dresses, tunic tops, skirts, placemats, curtains, pillows, and most recently, very comfortable and stylish masks to wear during the COVID-19 pandemic. I appreciate the company’s support of my work and that of other Montreal artists―and the royalties are a welcome bonus!

le galeriste shirt, wearable art